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Palheiro Golf Club - Madeira Island

Brief History

The Palheiro Golf Club is a non-profit sports association and was founded on January 20, 1998.

The Club has use of an office in the Clubhouse of the Sociedade Turística Palheiro Golfe, S.A., Rua do Balancal 29, 9060-414 Funchal.

The Club does not own its own golf course, but through an agreement established with Soc. Tur. Palheiro Golfe, S.A., the Club is privileged to offer its members free access to the beautiful Palheiro Golf course.

The Club was formed with the purpose of supporting and promoting the practice of golf as well as providing an official organisation through which players could enrol in to the Portuguese Golf Federation, which would be recognised as such by regional and/or national associations such as IDRAM.

The Club offers an informal and relaxed ambiance. Members can participate in the many tournaments that the Club organises, which span various levels of ability. A number of social events are also held periodically.

•   A Committee runs the Club whose members are elected for a three-year period at the annual general meeting.

There is also a full-time Club Coordinator who deals with the day-to-day running of the Club and liaises between it and the Soc. Tur. Palheiro Golfe, S.A. The Club also has a Captain who is elected every year by the playing members.

The following members have been Club Captain:

- 2000/2001 – Michael Cuckney
- 2001/2002 – Stephen Cubbin
- 2002/2003 – Nicholas Bayntun
- 2003/2004 – Fernanda Cuckney
- 2004/2005 – Tadhg Moynihan
- 2005/2006 – Malcolm Bickell
- 2006/2007 – Manuela Hodge
- 2007/2008 – Andrew Reynolds
- 2008/2009 – Michael Cuckney
 - 2009/2010 -
 - 2011/2012 - Denis Camacho
 - 2012/2013 - Maria Stangl
 - 2013/2014 - Maria Stangl


In spite of its relatively short life, there are some Club events that have already become classics, such as:

- Anniversary Salver
- Club Championship
- Palheiro Open
- The popular and highly competitive Match Plays between members throughout the Year.

Club Committee


Clube Palheiro Golfe is a non-profit sports association that was founded in January 1998.

The Club is located within the Clubhouse of the “Sociedade Turística Palheiro Golfe, S.A.”, Rua do Balancal, 29, São Gonçalo, 9060-414 Funchal, Madeira, Tel. 291 790 126.

The Club is a member of the Portuguese Golf Federation (“Federação Portuguesa de Golfe”) since July 1998.

The following committees are responsible for official Club matters:

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

President: Eduardo Miguel Andrade Gouveia
Maria Luise Stangl

Golf Committee:

President: José Duarte Serrão Rodrigues
Carlos Alberto dos Reis Fernandes
Rui Alberto de Sousa

Member: Avelino da Silva

Member: Vitor Paulo Machado de Freitas

Financial Committee:

President: Milton Patrício Caldeira Gouveia
Ambrósio José Silva Teixeira
António Márcio Aveiro Vasconcelos

Club Coordinator:
Patrícia Rodrigues